Nurseries İtalyanca in Turkey


Ozel Kozagac Anaokulu

: Nurseries

: Kozağaç Mah. 231/1 Sk. No: 10A Buca / İzmir ! Kozağaç Mah. 231/1 Sk. No: 10C Buca / İzmir

    There are 6,361 nurseries in Turkey. Those nurseries are distributed on 81 states. The highest number of nurseries are in İstanbul. There are 1,653 nurseries in İstanbul. Whereas the lowest number of nurseries are in Ardahan. There are only 7 nurseries in Ardahan. Nurseries in Turkey are categorizing their selves under 3 keywords. The most frequently used keyword is Horse Riding Club. 1 nursery categorized itself under Horse Riding Club. Nurseries in Turkey are also tagging their selves under 76 tags. The most frequently used tag is Yemekhane. 857 nurseries tagged itself by this tag.